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Understanding what wisdom is

I have not said everything from the very beginning, all the subtle things. 


Gradually, you have grown and accordingly I have talked. If you were like Shri Ganesha, from the beginning I would have told you everything. But Shri Ganesha does not even require to know everything. He already knows. He is a very mature person or, we can say, the most mature Deity is Shri Ganesha. 

I did not talk of many things — like the genesis, like the beginning of our life, how we came to be. 


I have said it in a way, in a very gross way. But in subtleties I have not said much because I do not want you to get into any discussion or to any point which cannot be verified by your vibrations. 


Whatever you can verify by your vibrations becomes your knowledge. That is what gradually is told to you.


Wisdom only comes through understanding what wisdom is. 

You might find somebody extremely wise. He may be your servant, maybe your driver, maybe anyone and you are amazed how such a person can be so wise. It may be from his last life he has got it within him or he has gone into it and he found it.

It is not the estate of one person. It is not the property of one person, but it can belong to many of them.


The Sahaja Yogi is the one who has to have that wisdom. “Why I am doing this? What is the need to do it?” They do not have to ask any questions. They just do not do wrong things. They are always on the right path. That is the sign of a Sahaj Yogi, I believe. That is the blessing of the Goddess.


If there is the power of the Goddess working in you, you will have the wisdom to work it out.

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