Devi Mahatmyam

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she is the sovereign of all gods

The Rishi said:

‘The understanding of all creatures is relative to their field of perception. Some are blind by day and some by night. All are limited. Mankind is certainly not any more aware than the deer, the birds or others. All creatures are compassionate beings.


O King, as you sit mourning, can’t you see the birds busy feeding their young although they themselves are hungry? Just like you, they are bound to their offspring, expecting loyalty in return.


This delusion is the power of Mahamaya which binds all creatures throughout their lives. This illusion makes them believe their existence is permanent. This power is the Great Goddess, the Devi who actually sustains all beings, both those that move and those which do not. She even causes the contemplative sleep of Lord Vishnu at the end of the Golden Age.


She, the adorable Goddess, is truly called Mahamaya: the Great Illusion. By her this whole universe is created. When she is pleased, she blesses mankind and brings them to their final emancipation.


She is the knowledge supreme; she is the eternal cause of ultimate liberation, as well as the cause of the bondage of this worldly existence. Why then should you be amazed that she can hurl all creatures into delusion? She is the supreme knowledge. She is the sovereign of all Gods.’

The King said:


‘Respected sir, who is that Devi you call Mahamaya? How did she come into being? How was she born? What is her nature? That one who is mightier than the Gods, what form does she take? O great sage, tell me everything. I wish to hear everything about her origins.’

The Rishi said:


‘This whole universe is the embodiment of her. By her it was stretched forth and she pervades it all. She is eternal.


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