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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 21 Number 6

issue 150

34 pages



"Great news for all the Sahaja Yogis," Shri Mataji said in 1977. She went on to announce her first public lecture at London's Caxton Hall. "Let us see how it fares," she added. Over the next five years almost one hundred Sahaja Yoga programs with Shri Mataji were held at this historic venue. "The temple had to come down to London to Caxton Hall to talk to people," she explained. Also in this magazine: "The Extraordinary of the Ordinary," "Reality Is What It Is," "I Will Be the Same" and more. • Plaw Hatch Seminar 15 November 1980 (“The Extraordinary of the Ordinary”) • Caxton Hall compilation (“Great News for All Sahaja Yogis”) • 22 March 1982 (“Reality is What It Is”) • Birthday celebrations 1983 (“I Will Be the Same”) • Shri Durga Puja 1 February 1982 (“If I am God, Then Why Should You Worry?”) • Genoa 2008 photographs • Shri Ganesha Puja 1991 excerpt (“Padmini and the Palanquin”)

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