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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 27 Number 4

issue 188

34 pages



"I would like to tell you about the meaning of puja. You have got your own Deities within yourself. These Deities are to be awakened." So begins Shri Mataji's 1982 explanation of the meaning of puja and worship in Sahaja Yoga. This magazine also includes the related topics of what it means to be seaworthy, Shiva Tattwa, how to accept the present, seven essential talks, and "All that We are Promised," where she says, • various sources ("To Be Seaworthy") • Shri Ganesha Puja 1982 ("The Meaning of Puja") • Shri Shiva Puja 1989 translation ("Shiva Tattwa") • 29 January 1985 ("Accept the Present") • Birthday Puja 1985, 6 February 1985, Shri Bhairavanath Puja 1989, Mother Earth Puja 1983, Guru Puja 2008, 20 February 1977, Guru Padwa Puja 1976, Open Your Heart seminar 2 August 1981 ("Seven Essential Talks") • Diwali Puja 1979 ("All that We Promised")

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The ePub ebook is available at Google Play.

The fixed-page ebook is not suitable for phones and other small screens. It is best read on an iPad or larger screen.

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