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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 17 Number 6

issue 126

34 pages



"I will put a garland to Her and in my hand I will take the flag of enlightened knowledge." With these words, Shri Mataji explains the lyrics of the song "Jogawa," the relationship between devotion and wisdom. The other words that echo through this magazine are balance and love, a perfect summary of Shri Mataji's teachings. Also in this issue are Her words about compassion, prayer and having a beautiful heart. • Christmas Puja 2004 Pune report by Rabi Ghosh (“Accept Our Offering”) • Christmas Puja 2004 Pune report by Brigitte Shehovych (“To Be at the Centre Point”) • Christmas Puja 1997 Ganapatipule (“Balance and Love”) • Fifth Day of Navaratri 1988 Pune (“Today I Ask for Yoga”) • Sahasrara Puja 1995 Cabella (“A Beautiful Heart”) • Compassion compilation (“I Have Nothing but Compassion”) • Divine Cool Breeze index • “Pray with Your Heart” 26 October 1980 excerpt • World Address List

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