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Foundations of Sahaja Yoga Book 06

book 16

41 pages



The foundations of Sahaja Yoga can be found in the wisdom, advice and guidance given to us in several landmark talks. Subtlety from 1980 is among them. During this talk in a London ashram and again the following day in Caxton Hall, Shri Mataji tells us about the importance of subtlety. "It is only possible for people who are of a subtler nature to understand the value of Sahaja Yoga, to hold to the values of Sahaja Yoga and to retain it in this fragmented world." In this book, one landmark talk from 1980 is presented in full. Shri Mataji tells us that, as subtler people, we are "a little different from the mundane crowd." 

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The talk featured in this book can also be read in The Divine Cool Breeze magazine. Click "buy magazine to find out more.

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