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Divine Cool Breeze Notes 5

3 pages



"Mahavira is the incarnation of Bhairavanath or you call Him as Saint Michael.... He was an angel, but came as a human being and He had to find out the thing of the left side and how the left side acts.... Mahavira went quite deep onto the left side.... This left side was to be found out properly. It was done by Mahavira. Of course, He knew all about it. So He has mentioned practically, in details, lots of things that can happen to a person who goes to the left side. He gave the idea of Hell. He also described seven types of Hell. It is so horrible that I do not want to tell you what hell is. It is horrifyingly cruel, horrifyingly joyless and horrifyingly so repulsive that you hate yourself when you understand you have committed this mistake, you have committed this sin. And then what is the result? What you get is the punishment part. Mahavira worked it out, everything. He has given in all details what sort of punishment is due to a human being who tries to be left-sided."

The pdf is available from Divine Cool Breeze Books.

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