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an excerpt from The Divine Cool Breeze magazine

10 pages



Shri Mataji's words about Shri Bhairava, originally published in the Divine Cool Breeze magazine volume 23 number 4. "We have not understood the significance of Bhairavanath, who runs up and down on the Ida Nadi. The Ida Nadi is the nadi of Chandrama, who is of the moon. So this is a channel for us to cool down. The work of Bhairavanathji is to cool us down. For example, people have a hot temper with their ego, with their liver, whatever it is. And if a person is in a big temper, then Bhairavnath plays tricks on that person to cool him down. He organizes everything under His own control with the ganas’ help, with Ganapati’s help to cool down your temperament, to give you a balance."

The pdf is available from Divine Cool Breeze Books.

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