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an excerpt from The Divine Cool Breeze magazine

8 pages



A list and description of Shri Mataji's most essential talks, from the Divine Cool Breeze magazine volume 27 number 4. "My tapes are there. When you are listening to My tapes, note down the points that Mother has said and see for yourself. The education in Sahaja Yoga is very important, otherwise your intelligence will rust out. You must have full education of Sahaja Yoga. Only giving Realization is not the work you must have. Others must know you are knowledgeable. The amount of education you have had, nobody had before. No saint had it. So now take full advantage. Whatever your age may be, education qualification may be does not matter, but you should all know what is Sahaja Yoga, what it means, how it works out. Ask questions yourself and find answers. You all are still students of Sahaja Yoga. You must know that. You are still students of Sahaja Yoga and you must master it. You must know it, every word of it. Just to enjoy Sahaja Yoga is not the point. You must also know. Like if you enjoy a cake cooked by somebody, you must know how it is cooked because then you can cook for others. But if you do not know how to cook, people are not going to believe. This is what I have seen."

The pdf is available from Divine Cool Breeze Books.

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