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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 26 Number 1

issue 179

34 pages



"Sahaja Yoga is not so simple as you think," Shri Mataji told us in 1998. "It is full of temptations." Over twelve pages, in a collection of short quotes, Shri Mataji clearly tells us what Sahaja Yoga is not. The magazine also includes several other articles created from her words. She speaks of collectivity, beauty, fear and incarnations. She also speaks at a 1982 Shri Durga Puja, calling it "the Day of the Goddess" and assures us that there is never any problem because there is a special grace. • "Sahaja Yoga Is Not" • Virata Puja 1991 (Collectivity) • 20 March 1990 ("What Is Beauty?") • Shri Durga Puja 1982 ("Day of the Goddess") • "Fear" • stories from Maha Avatar October-December 1980 • "Incarnations have to Come"

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