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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 19 Number 4

issue 136

34 pages



• Shri Mataji in London 2006, story by Amy Gordon  (“Something Very Beautiful Happened…) • “A Children’s Music Evening” London 2006, photographs • “A Mahalakshmi Puja” London 30 April 2006, photographs • Thank-yous to Shri Mataji (“Thank You for the Divine World Family”) • Serving Shri Mataji, a story by Sona Kuna (“She Does it All”) • Shri Adi Shakti Puja 2006, Henley UK (“Wrapped in Our Mother’s Arms”)  report by Christine • Sir CP speaking at Adi Shakti Puja 2006 (“On Her Behalf”) • Shri Mataji at London Yuva Shakti ashram (“It All Started Here in England”) report • The Virata, 20 February 1977, Delhi (“You are on the Stage”) • The Virata, Shri Virata Puja 1993 Los Angeles USA  (“The Virata Gives You Nirananda”) • The Virata, Shri Virata Puja 1989 Litchfield USA (“It’s the Whole. It’s the Totality”) • The Virata, Shri Krishna Puja 1999 Cabella (“Citizens of the Virata’s Power”) • Sahasrara Puja 1989 Sorento Italy (“Nothing But Love”) • Shivaratri Puja 1996 excerpt (“After All, This is the Adi Shakti”)

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