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Sahaja Yoga Basics Number Three

10 pages



Shri Mataji's words on the topic of growth after Self-realization, originally published in the Divine Cool Breeze magazine. "The main thing is that we have to be one with ourselves. Without know- ing the atma, you cannot know God. You have to know your spirit. Once that beautiful personality is developed within you, people will know that you are the spirit. If you think less, every work you will do will be good.... Try to stop your brain acting any more and just make it humbler. Sahaja Yoga is the only way – and balancing yourself. Also, there are many other things which help you – for example, physical things. You must learn dieting. What diet is needed for that? What exercise is needed for what kind of thing...? Unless and until you impress others whom you are addressing or whom you are going to meet with that kind of love and that kind of serenity, nobody is going to believe. Secondly, what impresses people the most? Simplicity."

This pdf is available from Divine Cool Breeze Books.

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