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Divine Cool Breeze Notes 7

3 pages



"I was a child, very small. When I was in school, I used to go to the library and read about the lives of great men who have created some great things for us, so many of them. And I was so impressed how some of them were so simple, so child-like. For example, Abraham Lincoln for whom I have tremendous, tremendous respect was a man tortured by his wife. She said, “You don’t know. You are very clumsy. You don’t know how to dress up. You don’t know how to behave.” And she actually was very harsh on him, all the time torturing him. Ultimately he was also killed. So one can say, “You see, what’s the use of being Abraham Lincoln? Because he was killed, he was not successful.” Until today, all over the world people know who was Abraham Lincoln. They do not know his wife, but they know who was Abraham Lincoln."

This pdf is available from Divine Cool Breeze Books.

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