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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 21 Number 3

issue 147

34 pages



"Forgiveness is such a great, satisfying quality," Shri Mataji tells us. "This is the message for today and permanently." This magazine also includes words about children, advice on parenting, two puja talks and how to speak to new people. But above all, there is forgiveness. • Birthday Puja 2008 photographs • Easter Puja 23 March 2008 translation (“Just Forgive”) • 27 January 1982 (“This is Sahaja Samadhi”) • Shri Ganesha Puja 13 September 2003 excerpt (“They are the Ones”) • 15 December 1983 translation excerpt (“Parents and Children”) • Birthday Puja 1983 excerpt “I Have So Many Children…” • 12 May 1983 “How to Talk to New People” • 29 October 1979 question and answer and 9 October 1985 excerpt (“Truth Is”) • Shri Rama Puja 1987 excerpt (“Shri Rama and the Fight”)

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