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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 16 Number 6

issue 120

34 pages



"Your life will be very safe and peaceful and joyous" is the message of this magazine. Shri Mataji told us, "No one can harm you. Life has become very different." Upon those words we can reflect. We should not be afraid. Also in this issue: two pujas and Shri Mataji's travels to China and California and words about dharma. • Shri Mataji in California USA report by Raji Rarashar and Dave Dunphy (“55 Days of Beauty”) • Shri Mataji in China 2003 reports by Alex Henshaw and Melissa Fordham (“Chinese Way”) • Christmas Puja 2003 Ganapatipule (“We Should Not Be Afraid”) • Gudi Padwa Puja 1976 (“The Journey in the Spiritual Life of This World”) • Vaiturna India 16 January 1983 (“Pleasing Your Mother”) • World Addresses • Shri Mataji on dharma compilation

This magazine is out of print, but the pdf can be downloaded.

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