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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 25 Number 5

issue 176

34 pages



Look inside the book Journey Within: The Final Steps to Self Realization, the story of our spiritual ascent, both as individuals and collectively. With equal parts instruction and inspiration, the words of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi beautifully describe how we have gotten where we are today and our essential next steps. This magazine includes the first four chapters of the book: "To Find the Way," "To Seek," "To Seek and Not to Seek" and "To See the Truth." With eight beautiful photographs, this is a lengthy illustrated excerpt of the book, an introduction to Sahaja Yoga and a description of the nature of spiritual seeking.

The ebook is available at Google Play.

The fixed-page ebook is not suitable for phones and other small screens. It is best read on an iPad or larger screen.

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