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The Final Steps to Self Realization

book 2

228 pages



"Journey Within: The Final Steps to Self Realization" is the story of our spiritual ascent, both as individuals and collectively. With equal parts instruction and inspiration, the book beautifully describes how we have gotten where we are today and our essential next steps. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi gave more than 3000 recorded talks all around the world. Whether it was a village school, a medical conference, a gathering of UN employees or a suburban hall on a hot summer evening, her central words were the same: introspection, ascent, inner peace and – most important of all – a realization of our true self. With humour and love, she both guided and listened. From the opening words, “My father felt that I would do something great,” we can sense the trajectory of this tale. And we know too that we are bound for that same greatness. With this book, Shri Mataji reminds us of the journey we are all on. And the direction of that journey is always the same. It is a journey within.

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This book is available in English, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

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