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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 25 Number 6

issue 177

34 pages



When Shri Mataji said that Sahaja Yoga is musical, she meant musical in its natures, in its rhythm – smooth and quick. "It has a rhythm about it. It is very gracious. The whole movement of dissolution can happen to you very easily if you do not allow your attention to be attacked by all these isms." In this magazine, Shri Mataji also tells us about chastity, the left and right sides, and of love as knowledge. Profoundly, she says, "I have lived for thousands of years doing Sahaja Yoga." • 7 January 1983 ("It is Musical") • Shri Ganesha Puja 1984 ("Chastity") • 14 and 20 May 1982 ("Left Side Right Side") • two excerpts ("The Author of Sahaja Yoga") • Birthday Celebration 1977 ("Love is Knowledge") • two excerpts ("Remember")

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