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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 22 Number 7

issue 158

58 pages



This special issue of The Divine Cool Breeze magazine is an introduction to Sahaja Yoga intended for those who understand the basics, but want to go deeper. The sixty pages are divided into nine sections including "The Knowledge and Knower," "A Drop Becomes the Ocean" and "One World." In the end, Know Thyself is the primary message of this richly designed photo magazine.

This magazine and many other Sahaja Yoga books are sold at Lulu. Lulu Books is a print-on-demand service that sells worldwide, often printing in the reader’s own country. This reduces both delivery times and shipping costs. To see prices in your preferred currency, create an account at

The paper magazine is available at Lulu Books.

The ePub ebook is available at Google Play.

The fixed-page ebook is not suitable for phones and other small screens. It is best read on an iPad or larger screen.

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