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Divine Cool Breeze Book 26

book 26

133 pages



Many of the foundations of Sahaja Yoga can be found in the early talks of the 1970s and early 80s. This book looks back at ten days in India between 1972 and 1977 when Shri Mataji spoke to us: unique moments, gems of wisdom, insights said only once. As one Sahaja Yogi at the time put it, “Shri Mataji, first you make the summit, then you make the foundations.” Shri Mataji later explained: “The human mind is used to doing things in a ritual way. To raise this house, you have to first dig the foundation, then the piling up and then you have those pillars and the roof. That is how they plan out things. But in God’s own kingdom there is no planning. You just sit down and you just enjoy.” Consider now some of the foundations of Sahaja Yoga.

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