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Sahaja Yoga Basics Number Two

10 pages



Shri Mataji's words on the topic of introspection, originally published in The Divine Cool Breeze magazine volume 21 number 1. "The consolidation of Sahaja Yogis is very important. The first thing, to con- solidate yourself, you must do introspection. You must do introspection. It’s to reflect the light within and see for yourself what have you done so far in Sahaja Yoga. Where are you? How far you have gone and how far have you to go? What is the thing that is lacking in you? You’ll be surprised when you start seeing yourself in a very unbiased manner, not justifying yourself, not blaming any bhoots or not blaming any badhas within you or somebody else. If you start with yourself – what has gone wrong with you that you could not consolidate yourself properly – you’ll be amazed that there has been problems still lingering on, which must be corrected. Now these prob- lems you can see very clearly. In the light of the spirit, you can see them very clearly that 'This has gone wrong with me.'"

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