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an excerpt from The Divine Cool Breeze magazine

28 pages


Shri Mataji's words about children, originally published in the Divine Cool Breeze magazine. "Little children – they are the ones who are incarnations. They are the ones who are going to lead humanity into some great advancement. The humanity has to be looked after. They are tomorrow’s humanity and we are today’s. And what are we giving to them for them to follow? What is their aim in life? It is very, very difficult to say. But with the Sahaja Yoga they will all go in the proper way. They’ll behave in a proper way and the whole thing will be a different mass of Sahaja Yogis coming up. But it is the duty of bigger Sahaja Yogis to look after them, to have better moral standards, to have better lives so that they follow your life and become genuinely good Sahaja Yogis. It’s a very big responsibility. Perhaps we don’t recognize it, we don’t understand, but all these are little creatures who are after the image of great souls and they should be brought up in that way, respected in that manner and loved with great care. This is to be understood."

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