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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 21 Number 4

issue 148

34 pages



Bhavasagara is the ocean of illusion in which we live. We are the seekers who need to be on a seaworthy ship. In this magazine, Shri Mataji tells us how to navigate those treacherous seas. All we need to do is to look within ourselves where there is a complete map of what we are going to become. Also in this issue, Shri Mataji tells us about the Spirit's role in completing the journey, about honesty and about the creation of the universe. • Mothers Day 11 May 2008 • Diwali Puja 10 November 2007 translation (“Write Poems – On Honesty”) • Birthday Puja 21 March 1994 excerpt (“The Thoughtless Now”) • Birthday Celebrations 30 March 1983 (“Why God Created This Universe”) • 19 December 1987 Aurangabad (“Completing the Journey”) • 7 February 1981 (“What is Bhavasagara?”)

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