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Divine Cool Breeze Magazine Volume 23 Number 1

issue 159

34 pages



"You may find me walking with you." Shri Mataji is speaking of the second era of Sahaja Yoga when we no longer require her physical presence, but she will be at our side. This magazine also features the 1980 Sahasrara Puja talk, Shri Mataji's words to seekers, an explanation of the ether and how the word "sahaj" means spontaneous. • Sahasrara Puja 1984 excerpt (“You Might Find Me Walking”) • Sahasrara Puja 1980 (“At the Sahasrara”) • “Ether – It is Everywhere, You Can Feel It” • 22 June 1984 (“To the Seekers” part 3: “To Experience the Truth”) • 8 March 1979 (“It Melts”) • Sydney 1992 (“Questions & Answers”) • Birthday Felicitations 20 March 2001 (“Sahaj Means Spontaneous”)

The ePub ebook is available at Google Play.

The fixed-page ebook is not suitable for phones and other small screens. It is best read on an iPad or larger screen.

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