Children of Jerusalem

introduction by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

you will read 

through it,

sometimes laughing, sometimes weeping, enjoying the

whole drama

I find a single lonely man ploughing this land with the seeds of wisdom

It is such a honour for all of us to pay this homage to the great poet, printer and a prophet that was William Blake.

When I first came to England, they have been telling Me that England is a place of scholarship and you can see lots of museums and exhibitions and suddenly I told the Sahaja Yogis that I would like to go and see Tate Gallery for William Blake’s paintings. They were surprised because I seldom go to any one of them, specially the libraries and the books. And when I went there, I saw this great poet, this great personality, pouring out his heart with such concern, with such honesty, with such understanding and perception of the Divine to the people of England, to understand the great powers of Divinity. 

     I realized how tormented He must have been in his lifetime to live with such people who have no sense of the Divine. He must have cried in the wilderness. He must have wept. He could not have been accepted. It is impossible. 

My heart bled with pain

     Such low level minds cannot accept something that is sublime and great and my heart bled with pain. Oh God, why did He take his birth in a place like this – to torment himself, to torture himself, saying something which cannot be accepted?

     But it is not so. I knew who he was, what he is doing, why he was here. We do not know about him much because, from the books, you cannot understand who he could have been.

     He was an incarnation of Bhairavanath. That is whom you call St. Michael or St. George, who is the saint-angel of England. That is why he had to incarnate and, for him, this was his role, to talk about the Divine in an open, fearless manner. 

     He had to use symbolic language. He had to use. It is not difficult to understand him at all. If you are a realized soul, you will read through it, sometimes laughing, sometimes weeping, enjoying the whole drama, what he has tried to explain. 

     When I read him, I am amazed at his sense of humour, how he openly comes out with such remarks. I feel he is like Markandeya in India or Kabirdas in India, who slashed the whole society with their sword all the time to see that they were brought to the proper shape, without fear. 

     But so gentle, if you read the The Book of Thel, it is so gentle. And all of them, who were him perhaps or of the same style, extremely open, straightforward, you can say even blatant and extremely gentle.

     The vision of Christ that he has described is the one which he sees through his own enlightened eyes and he sees that the vision is completely distorted, is the opposite of what Christ was. I also felt the same way. 

     The point He brings forth is very clear cut. You can understand that in the mannerism, if you are gentle – “I’m sorry, I’m afraid, I doubt” – just look at that. It is very common we use this language. He says that Christ was not a gentle man of that kind.

     That is how he also put the vision of Christ before you, that He was not a gentle man who would go around and be extremely gentle to people and nice to them, superficially, only the mannerism of it. But He would be so gentle with the people who are lowly. He created divinity out of fishermen, who were ordinary people, uneducated, absolutely, we can say, people who were one of the lowest in the strata of society. He picked them up and made them divine. He did not go to the ministers and the prime ministers and the governors. He did not.


Such a fine soul came on this Earth to talk of Jerusalem. What did He mean by Jerusalem? What is Jerusalem? We go to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. Why? Because Christ was born there. England will become Jerusalem when Christ will be born here. 

     When Blake came on this Earth, the industrial revolution had not taken its respite. People were still entering into those mills, as he calls them, and he saw the scribes, how they were behaving and he saw the whole myth of religion.

This is not only about Christianity, but still nobody can forgive it because Christianity has a special fervour, has a special role, has a special meaning. That is what he has tried to also say, that Moses came on this Earth to lay down the code of conduct, morality, the moral thing. And also he describes Milton as a person who describes a Deity who is above everything, a puritanical Deity. 

     But he also describes the divine humanity. Also he describes the Christ who came on this Earth for the emancipation of human beings, not to tell them, “Don’t do this and don’t do that.” That was all right at the time of Moses in the beginning of it, the code of it. He calls it a moral Christianity, meaning immoral it must be because, if you force someone into something and pass such laws and regulations at this time, modern times, it is going to be impossible for human beings to follow and they will fall into some other traps.


He came as a poet, a remarkable poet, the way he rhymes it and the sense of humour he has and the way he unfolds the beauty of words as any poet should do. 

     In Sanskrit it is said, “vākyam ras’ātmakam kāvyam,” poetry is full of rasats. Rasats means the essences, the explosion of essences through words. If it could be done, then the magic of it is called as poetry and that is what you find in Blake – such a great poet. Poetry is only great when it talks of the Divine.

     He was a prophet. He warned people of what is going to happen, but who is bothered? He was treated as an insane personality. If you go to the lunatic asylum, everybody will think you are insane. That is the way lunatics look at a sane personality. His wisdom was condemned. People thought that he is getting all these hallucinations, he is talking out of his hat because they have no brains to understand. They have no enlightenment. They have no perception. That is why they treated him that way. 

     Now he is dead, of course, they are selling his books, making big money, selling his plates, what he painted. But when he lived, nobody bothered. 


Now, when today we are in this twentieth century, sitting down here, we have to see what is the prophecy of this great man, William Blake. 

      In the whole understanding of Blake, I find a single lonely man, ploughing this land with the seeds of wisdom. I am here just to reap it. He is the one who planted, watered, made ready by Shakespeare, you can say.

      You have had many great poets here. Wordsworth was another one who really is enchanting and beautiful. I think Wordsworth must have seen the fate of William Blake and he said, “Better describe the nature, forget about human beings.” He must have thought of it, thinking it to be an incorrigible land where he cannot sow anything. 

But whatever it is, what Blake has done is to give you a new vision and a new idea because, in the West, Christ has been shrunk to a position of someone who was just a human being. 

     The second point about him was that he was a printer. We should think why did he become a printer, why Blake took to printing. He has described himself the hell where the books were created and how he has described, how at every chakra we created a devil and put him in the libraries. But why did he become a printer? It is very important to know and why he wrote so much about printing. 

     We see the media today. The media, that is the devil he described. The media is the one that has ruined you completely, believe Me – just to make money out of you, playing upon your weaknesses, making your children and you weaker and weaker, the society completely being destroyed systematically. 

      This is the media he wanted to hit. That is why he took his birth and became a printer. He could have been anything else. No poet was a printer in England or anywhere else. It was Blake who became that. The reason was He wanted to show that this media is the one and let him cut it at its root. But, as you know, evil grows, whether you like it or not and today’s media we cannot understand to what extent it has destroyed us, our roots, our faiths, all our sublime and righteous visions.


He was a great prophet because he makes prophecies that, if you do not take to the right path, if you do not take to the higher seeking, all these things will show. Now we have to understand because it concerns us. This is what is happening to us – to us, to our children, to our families, to our society, to our country. Let us face it and understand that the compassion of God can fail in such horrible, blazing hearts, which do not have any understanding of the Spirit.

Sahaja Yoga came on this Earth long time back, much before I came on this Earth, and today it has come to England. 

     It took fourteen years for Blake to write Jerusalem. And I think after fourteen years also, if I could really feel satisfied that I have been able to do some justice to him in this Jerusalem that He wanted to build, I will be very much grateful to you all.

     But it is not so. It is a very disappointing thing. People do not want to listen to anything. 

     Blake’s life was another crucifixion, I feel. When I read him, tears fall continuously sometimes. 

     Wherever he is so fiery, wherever he is so compassionate, wherever he is so gentle, wherever he is so modest, the inner line is one that says, “Achieve your ascent. Achieve your higher being. Become that.” 

He has prepared grounds for us here in England. As I have told you many a times, England is a very important part of the universe, which I do not know how many Englishmen realize. It is the heart of the universe. It is small, but so important.

     You are sitting in the heart of the universe. This is the heart of the universe and what do you have to give to the world? The Spirit. The Spirit resides in your heart and that is why Blake said that England has to become Jerusalem because it is the heart. That means the Spirit has to come in the attention of the universe, otherwise things will not work out. But from where is it going to come? This Spirit, where is going to be awakened? 

     It is going to be awakened in the human beings. And where are those human beings? In the heart.

     This heart has to awaken to make the whole world a spiritual being. Do we realize our responsibility? Do we understand this, what is the role we have to play as a spiritual being? You have to play a role as a spiritual being now. I hope Jerusalem will start showing its results in this country. God has chosen you to be born here with a purpose.



What is the Holy Ghost? William Blake has said, “It resides within you.” What is the Holy Ghost is very simple. The Holy Ghost is the Kundalini. We have a Holy Trinity. We have God Almighty and we have the Son and the Holy Ghost. Have you heard of any father having a son without the mother? Then who is the Holy Ghost is the Primordial Mother. Automatically you come to that conclusion, but Mother should not be mentioned.

     That is why Blake has said about the daughters of Albion because he knew the way the women were suppressed in this country in very sophisticated ways. In Sanskrit it is said, “Where the women are worshipped, there remains the domain of the Deities.” Where they are worshipped, and they have to be worshipful, not the harlots, in the brothels and the women who walk nude and show off their nudity to excite the baser self, but the ones who are worshipful, where they reside, reside the Gods.

     With Blake, one feels compelled to try and try and try to establish Jerusalem. Whatever may be the case, whatever may be the disappointment, whatever may be the disgust, it does not matter. One has to do it. 

     He had such faith in England’s soil that we have to build the Jerusalem. 

     The time has come, which was prophesied, so I really pay all my homage, all my love to the great son of this country, William Blake.

     As a homage to him, you all should decide within yourself that you are not going to be soldiers carrying the swords with the shaky hands or you are not going to be afraid of the horses on which you have to ride. You have to decide that you have to be brave people. But bravery never means aggression. That kind of a bravery can only come into people whose Spirits are awakened.

     So many poets have dreamt about their country – every country. But no one has dreamt like William Blake, where He said positively that this will be Jerusalem. That means the holy land of Jerusalem will have to come down. 

     If the people have that kind of a heart, that kind of a poem, the Gods will have to come down. 

If you have that kind of a reception, all the Divine has to go down.

     What William Blake has said in those days, we have seen happen.

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