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I am talking

to you

I am going to talk to you about attention: what is attention,

what is the movement of attention and what are the ways and methods of raising our attention and to keep it in broad ways.


But when I am saying all these things you must know that I am talking to you individually. It is not about others. Always the first thing human beings do is, when I am speaking to you, you try to find out about who Mataji is speaking. This is the best way of putting your attention onto something else. If you put your attention to yourself, that “This is for me and me and me alone,” then it will have an effect because these are mantras. And that is why it is wasted because whatever is given to you is thrown onto another person.

So the attention that you have is the only way to know the reality. Your own attention is important, not the attention of others or your attention on others. This must be clearly understood.


If you understand this point, that the whole thing is to be consumed by you through your attention to raise yourself to a higher situation, it will work out. Otherwise, it is like giving food to you and it going to another person who is getting nourished, while you are getting nothing. And that person also may not be able get nourished because he does not know that you are throwing it to that person.

So today, as I am going to speak to you about attention,

you should know that your attention should absorb all that I am saying. It is not meant for anybody else. You better sit in thoughtless awareness, that is the best way, so that it goes into you. Otherwise it is like a lecture.

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