The Ascent

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Mark Twain said...


A middle aged man sat before a Lotto machine praying, “God please let my number come.” He would open his eyes, stare at the machine and again close his eyes  - please, please God! Just once let my number come, you don’t understand what it means to my future.”

Finally the doorman slapped his back, “Dude, you can’t operate the goddam machine without the coins!”

The human race has learnt to pray but forgotten to put the coins in the time machine. Without the connection how will the prayers be answered? 


We are still struggling to find the meaning of life. Though our conscious mind we may not know what we are seeking but our unconscious is beckoning us to seek the beyond.


Our seeking meanders through emotional and mental pathways but its intensity varies from its gross state of idle curiosity to the subtle level, which surges a Buddha to know the self. At the gross level it can be perceived as the urge that takes a traveler to places or the seeking of a scientist. It can also be perceived in the sensitivity of an artist who seeks through aesthetics or a scholar who seeks through knowledge. Those who are not aware of their seeking also seek. The drug addict also seeks but he is seeking in the dark. He is like the drunkard who started rowing a boat at midnight. The boat, however, was anchored. He rowed the whole night. In the morning he realized he had not moved an inch. Similarly in life , our boat is anchored to the ego, name, fame , home, family and unending desire. We make pilgrimage to holy places, perform sacred rituals and give to charity- yet our mind continues to row in the dark because it does not know that pilgrimage is a journey from ignorance to enlightenment.

Mark Twain said something similar, “Two important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Inspiration has to come from within to ‘find out why’. “Why are we here?” is the question working out in the unconscious of every seeker. This unconscious thirst is our pure desire. Unless this pure desire is fulfilled our thirst cannot be quenched. So far whatever we have achieved in our evolution is registered in our conscious mind, means on our central nervous system. Hence, this pure desire has to be fulfilled on our central nervous system; our conscious mind. The neural pathways in the brain that are unconscious have to come in our attention, and thereby, our relative knowledge has to be replaced by the absolute knowledge.  In other words we do not seek game-changing ideas, but a game-changing experience.

The age of information technology bombards us with information. No doubt, information stimulates the seeking of the brain but it does not stimulate the seeking of the heart. Joy flows from the heart not from the brain and that is why we have not yet experienced inner fulfillment.

In his ceaseless search for knowledge, Socrates said that he was the most knowledgeable of man because he alone realized that he knew nothing. He understood one thing that whatever he had searched so far was from the mind, but the mind was not rooted in reality.

It is thus clear that the mind cannot introduce us to ourselves.


Perhaps nature is more suited to do the introduction. If we observe a tree we find that its sap does not nurture it from outside but from inside. Likewise, our seeking has to be focused inwards.  We have to become the sap. We have tried through the brain to become the sap but mental projections end up drying the sap. Whatever we do mentally is artificial because it has no roots attached to it, there is no biological process attached to it; there is nothing living behind it, there is no anchor. For instance, if a person is given a title, he does not become that. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi reveals, “The living force is that which sprouts a seed. The mother earth sprouts a seed, the flowers become fruit. Whereas, mental projections are linear, they give us no norms that lead us nowhere; they reach a dead end and recoil back.”


This helps us to better understand how our karmas recoil back to us.

Who looks outwards sleeps, who looks inward awakes. When we journey through our thickly forested interiors we find the trees grow from their roots; and hence, we have to explore our roots. But we cannot help but seek outside because that’s the way our brain is wired; it is programmed to take the attention outside not inside. Thus, we are disconnected to our inner self and hence, can’t see inside ourselves. We remain an outsider to our own self. But what if there is an instrument that could take our attention within.


What if that instrument is within us? What if we connect to it?  If reality is within why not have it?


But to seek that instrument a happening has to take place. And that happening ignites the transformational experience that allows us to see inside ourselves and know our capabilities, and also our deficiencies.  


Without such an instrument, we remain ignorant of our greatest potential. Without it the data percolated through the brain gets canned in two hard drives wired inside our brain; the hard drive in the right side stores our past reactions and sensations called the sub conscious, whereas, the hard drive in the left side called the supra-conscious generates mind projections. When we plug into these hard drives they give us a feeling that we are a separate identity from the rest. Animals do not have this feeling of separation as they do not have the freedom to plug into their hard drives.


Not just that, these hard drives transmit data into two super hard drives; the collective subconscious, and the collective supra-conscious respectively.

We cannot become a better version of ourselves from the shocks and sensations canned in these hard drives. On the contrary their data transmits linearly, and that has an intrinsic tendency to recoil back. However, the storage capacity of the hard drives is limited. Unable to take the overload of the recoiling data the network breaks down At the physical level it registers as tension.


Following nature is a great way of learning how to avoid tensions. For instance, if we observe trees, their sap flows everywhere. If it only flowed to one branch then it would create an overload and that would dry it up.


Furthermore, birds perched atop its branches mistake the forest for the whole world. Imagine two birds atop a tree, facing opposite directions, each quarreling over its perception. We have a lot in common with the birds the way we see things, and quarrel over them. But what if we take a step further than the birds, and go atop the hill to see the unifying power that lies behind our limited perception. 

Through the prism of the unifying power it is possible to decipher the unity behind the apparent chaos. Thus, when the sap takes the flow of our greatest potential flows to our conscious mind our concepts fall and we begin to make sense of the chaos. When the sense of reality dawns we see that game changing ideas and ‘ism’ do not bring change within us. For instance, we have seen that neither those who believe in God, nor those who do not believe in Him transform within. Nor do they generate peace. Instead, they quarrel over ideologies. When Mahatma Gandhi was in South Africa, he was impressed by the teachings of Christ because it was free of caste system. With great expectations he entered the Church but was to sit apart in the space reserved for the blacks. He was appalled and walked out.


If we want world peace then foremost there has to be peace within. As we are so the world will be.


We love new ideas. But the new is only new for a day. Thereafter, the mind needs another toy to play. But why hanker after broken pieces of glass when the real diamond is at hand? To find the precious pearls one has to dive into the depths of the ocean. But without inspiration how can one hazard the quantum leap?


Inspiration does not come from the mind; it flows spontaneously from our greatest potential buried deep in the recess of our being – the Golden Goddess. But how to seek the Golden Goddess?


We cannot seek her through our rational mind because she does not hear its din and murmurings. However, it is possible to transcend the natural limits of the mind through unconditional love. An unexplored ocean of unconditional love bubbles beyond the mind. Its ripples strum celestial music, but if the music stops the Golden Goddess switches off. She has slept for many life times but fortunately now the hour is at hand for her to awaken, and bless us with the happening of a game changing experience.


This happening takes place within us because she empowers our attention to penetrate inwards. While we are collectively interconnected, our inward journey is individual; it cannot be traversed by proxy, money or charity. The onus of taking the quantum leap rests upon us. If we our seeking is sincere nature shows us the way. Once we enter her threshold, her sap rises in a beautiful way, and nurtures all the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits. Her kiss enthralls every fiber of our being; the sun, the moon, and the stars help us to transform, and as we transform, we will see the world transforming in front of our eyes.


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