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The Divine Cool Breeze was first published as an American Sahaja Yoga newsletter. Originally known as The Wind, Shri Mataji relaunched the publication in 1986 as the international magazine of Sahaja Yoga. She called it The Divine Cool Breeze. For twenty-nine years and 188 issues, the DCB was the prime conveyance of Shri Mataji’s words to the global collective that is Sahaja Yoga.



The Divine Cool Breeze magazine has now evolved into Divine Cool Breeze Books, publishing more than a dozen original books created from the words of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Many other Sahaja Yoga books have also been republished buy Divine Cool Breeze Books after falling out of print. Additionally, there is a fifteen volume series of books written by realized writers, many recommended by Shri Mataji.


Divine Cool Breeze Books operates under the auspicious of Nirmala Intellectual Property Corporation (NIPC), which holds copyright to Shri Mataji’s words both written and recorded, Vishwa Nirmala Dharma USA and the Sahaja Yoga publications committee.


Divine Cool Breeze Books is managed by Richard Payment (UK) and Dragos Ionel (Canada) with assistance from Toni Grabmeyer (Austria) and Alan Wherry (USA).



Divine Cool Breeze Books has been set up on a not-for-profit basis, which means we make a small profit on some books to cover the costs of the website and the online storage of photographs. Donations are accepted, but are not essential for basic operations. Divine Cool Breeze Books is financially self-sufficient.



This website ( has been created to list and promote all Sahaja Yoga books published in English, with a buying link for each that is still in print. Our second website ( is a photographic archive, a legacy of the magazine. All photos are available for free download. The website  also provides access to many digital issues of The Divine Cool Breeze magazine, as well as Nirmala Yoga and SahajNews.



We can be contacted at and welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.


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